Senior Leadership

Carey Hawkins Ash, JD, PhD

Vice President of Partnerships

Allison Holton

Chief Development Officer

Aiyana Mourtos

Chief Program Officer

Patrick O’Donnell

Chief Executive Officer

Erick Roa

Chief Operating Officer


Ashley Allston

College Success Coach, Transition Specialist

Briggitte Bolanos Vieyra

College Financial Services Coordinator

Paola Cadena

Senior Manager of Early Career & Alumni

Ana Calderon

Financial Services Manager

Pilar Del Moral

Accounting Administrator

Kaitlyn Endo

Career Development Manager

Lauren Fong

Senior Manager of Data Strategy and Operations

Corina Garcia

Real Estate Property Manager 

Cynthia Garcia

People and Culture Manager

Jacqueline Garcia

Marketing and Storytelling Manager

Danielle Hall

College Coach

Jacqueline Hu


Julie Kirk

College Coach

Victoria Kupu

Senior Manager of Financial Services

Siobhan McCarthy

Vice President of Finance

Miguel Mendoza

Financial Services Manager

Jason Pender

College Coach

Leticia Perez

Financial Services Coordinator

Mysia Pierce-Lewis

Operations Coordinator

Ilene Richards

College Coach

Thalia Rodriguez

College Financial Services Coordinator

Bonnie Shea

VP of Marketing & Storytelling

Jon Siapno

Director of Product Innovation

Rosie Simpson

College Coach

Lou Tran

Senior Manager of IT

Ayasha Tripp

Senior Manager of Coaching Services

Felicia Tripp

Learning and Development Manager and College Coach

Sagurika Ujjual

Marketing and Storytelling Intern

Kieran Vu

Visual Content Creator Intern

Dr. Kristina Wright

Vice President of Student Success

Macy Yip

People Operations Specialist

Linda Zhao

Staff Accountant

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