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Feeling lost about your future?

Say hello to your new go-to guide. Quick, easy, and totally free. 

We’re here to guide you from feeling lost about your future to taking confident steps towards your goals. 

Drop us a text with whatever’s on your mind and get answers in a snap. 

Signing up is free

We’ll send you a welcome text

We’ll proactively reach out

Personalized Support

Making Waves uses AI to adapt to your needs and interests. Over time, the more you text us, the better we understand you. No matter your education and employment path, we’re here to provide tailored suggestions, from educational or college programs to practical career experience. 

Phone text bubbles with conversation about interest in UX/UI and advice around learning basics of design
Phone bubbles with texts about feeling stuck with future plans and advice for exploring interests and values

Ongoing Conversation

Think of Making Waves as a mentor who’s always there during your education and career journey. We keep the dialogue going, offering advice, encouragement, and practical steps you can take towards your goals.

Safe and secure

Your privacy and security are paramount. We use best-in-class practices to ensure your information is protected. 

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Frequently asked questions

Is there a cost associated with using this Making Waves tool?

Absolutely not! This tool is entirely free for individuals and their families. 

Why is this tool free?

Our mission is to support you, which is why this tool is free. We’re focused on providing value that can significantly impact your future, without adding financial stress to your journey. 

How can young people and their families get started?

Simply tap the “Sign Up Now” button you see at the top of our page. You’ll breeze through a quick sign-up where we only ask for a few simple details. No need for an email address, password, or any payment info to begin. Plus, there’s absolutely no app you need to download. 

Is this integrated with existing educational tools or systems?

Currently, Making Waves operates this AI tool independently and it cannot be directly linked with learning management systems, school portals, or similar educational tools. 

Are there any plans for future updates or improvements?

Absolutely! We’re always evolving, drawing on user insights and the latest tech to make your experience even better. Our goal is to offer you a top-notch service that supports your journey towards future success. Keep an eye out for exciting enhancements coming your way! 

What support is available?

Should you need assistance or have more questions about navigating your future path with Making Waves, feel free to reach out to our support team via email at info@making-waves.org. We’re here to guide you every step of the way. 

How does this Making Waves tool work?

Imagine texting us about your interest in graphic design or another job. Not only will we remember it, but we’ll also proactively send you information on courses, internships, and portfolio tips. As you progress, we’re with you every step of the way, celebrating your successes and helping you overcome any obstacles. 

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Making Waves Education Foundation is a Bay Area nonprofit committed to equity. We partner with historically underrepresented and underserved students to help make college affordable and graduation attainable.​ Knowing the opportunities that come with a college degree, we lead college and career programming with more than 430 college students. Centering the journeys of our students, our personalized approach includes college and career coaching, scholarships, and financial planning.​ Our alumni network includes more than 730 college graduates, who earn their degrees and land jobs at more than twice the rate of their first-generation, low-income peers, with 85% graduating debt-free.