Making Waves Foundation » About Us » Vision, Mission, and Core Values

Our Vision

A society in which all youth—regardless of race, ethnicity, or socioeconomic status—have access to high-quality educational opportunities and the tools to achieve success.

Our Mission

To advance educational opportunities for college-bound, career-minded, historically underrepresented and underserved youth.

Our Core Values

Our Making Waves Foundation community – students, alumni, staff members, board members, donors, and partners – is committed to expanding educational opportunity. Our core values guide our work together.

Drive impact.

We expand educational opportunity for underrepresented students – this is the heart of our mission. To support college and career success for individual students and at scale in communities, we think big, set ambitious goals, and achieve results.

Promote equity.

We acknowledge that marginalized communities face systemic inequities. With our students, we address barriers to opportunity by supporting them to pursue their dreams. With our staff, we leverage our diverse perspectives, build genuine relationships, and implement policies that promote fairness for everyone.

Build community.

We seek deep connections and nurture authentic, inclusive relationships. We show up for each other and build each other up with love, strength, and joy. We accelerate progress through intentional collaboration and partnership.

Do hard things.

When we see a challenge, we rise to it with optimism and courage. The stakes are high, so we don’t give up.

Learn and grow.

We stretch ourselves by staying curious and testing new ideas. We reflect, celebrate, iterate, and share our learning to support others’ growth.