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Wave-Maker Q&A: What it’s like to be back on campus

by Elaine Fernandez

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As the first term of the school year comes to an end, we’d like to to share about the experiences of some of our Wave-Makers in college as they navigate their college journey! These Wave-Makes, who graduated from Pittsburg High School in the Bay Area, share how they feel about coming back to their campuses along with what they’re beyond excited about for the rest of this academic year.

What are Wave-Makers looking forward to on their campuses this year?

Wave-Makers returned to their campuses with their best foot forward and shared their excitement to connect with other students and to explore what their campuses have to offer!

Wave-Maker Naidelyn Aceves, who attends the University of California, Santa Cruz, shared: “I’m so excited to return to campus to reunite with the lovely friends I made on campus and take full advantage of the recreational spaces on campus.”

Salvador Sandoval

That being said, many Wave-Makers are excited to connect with more people on campus while simultaneously getting the opportunity to explore the beauties their campuses have to offer.

Salvador Sandoval, who attends San Francisco State University, said: “I love how everyone is welcoming and has different styles to show the world. This fall I am looking forward to meeting new people and being more social around campus as well as using the library more to focus on assignments and do some research on internships.”

What do their colleges have to offer?

Photo of UC Santa Cruz by Naidelyn Aceves

Wave-Makers also shared details about their respective colleges that they get to enjoy as the school year continues.

Naidelyn Aceves shared one of the reasons she chose UC Santa Cruz is because of all the recreation spaces offered on campus. “Walking to classes surrounded by wildlife and tall trees is one of the things I especially look forward to,” she said.

Anthony Jacobo Gonzalez, a Wave-Maker attending the University of California, Davis, shared how he plans to make the most of opportunities offered through his campus.

“Something I am really able to enjoy about UC Davis is that it presents many opportunities to explore my interests and different career paths while also allowing me to gain hands-on experience,” he said.

How are Wave-Makers staying involved this year?

Aside from the fun experiences Wave-Makers are thrilled to have, some of them are making sure to make this the year they can become more involved within their campus and even professionally. Ana Ochoa Quevedo, who attends California State University, Sacramento, stated that one of her main plans for this school year is to find more information on internships.

Ana shared: “I’m looking forward to finding information on internships I can obtain that collide with my interior architecture major as well as going to some fun event my college does.”

Anthony Jacobo Gonzalez

Anthony Jacobo Gonzalez is looking forward to becoming more involved this year within his campus, by joining the Sacramento Valley College Corps as a part of the California Volunteers program in connection with the Office of the Governor.

Anthony shared: “My area of focus throughout the program is tackling the issue of food insecurity among college campuses, specifically UC Davis. I’ll be volunteering under the Aggie Compass Basic Needs Center on campus to contribute to relieving the pressing issue of food insecurity amongst college students like myself.”

What advice do Wave-Makers have for future college students?

With some Wave-Makers returning for their second or third year of college, they have advice to future Wave-Makers who are on their path to go to college.

Ana Quevedo shared: “Living on campus my first year gave me a unique and good experience that I believe everyone should have in their first year in college” to highlight the importance of delving deep into the doors of opportunities college can offer everyone.

Salvador Sandoval added: “Overall college is exciting and adventurous, but it is time consuming. If you’re dedicated and put in the effort, you’ll make it through”, to show that the journey to navigate college is like a rollercoaster ride that can be overcome with hard work and perseverance.

What does the support from Making Waves mean to Wave-Makers?

As Wave-Makers are on their college journey, Making Waves is there to support them and aid them in as many ways as possible to ensure that they’re successful.

Anthony Jacobo Gonzalez shared: “The scholarship from Making Waves Foundation has supported my journey in college by alleviating that financial cost. The coaching aspect of Making Waves has also been pivotal to my development as a student and as an individual. Now more than ever, as I continue to navigate my journey in college, is when I need someone who offers reassurance and is there to listen to me with no judgement. Making Waves provides just that.”

Salvador Sandoval

Salvador Sandoval shared: “The scholarship and coaching from Making Waves Foundation is a literal dream come true. The amount of support that the team gives you is astronomical. The team is always here for you!!”


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