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Alumni Opportunities: Three Ways to Engage with Wave-Makers and Recycle Your Success

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1. Wave-Maker Mentorship Program: Launches Fall 2022

This year, our Career and Alumni team worked with the CAP Alumni Advisory Alumni Council to define Wave-Maker Mentorship in preparation for the launch of our pilot program this fall. 

Wave-Maker Mentorship is a partnership between Wave-Makers where insights and experiences are exchanged to develop opportunities for connection and community.

Mentors and mentees will work together through each of the following key components, which are meant to guide the relationship: 

Are you interested in learning more and becoming a mentor? Submit our Wave-Maker Mentorship interest form and we will reach out to you with more information!

“Mentorship is important because it builds a sense of community and support with people who have similarities. Mentorship allows for us to continue to build, grow and prosper individually and as a community.” 

Karae H., Advisory Council lead

2. Alumni Coaching: Schedule your coaching call now

Coaching is a huge part of a Wave-Maker’s experience in Making Waves Foundation’s College and Alumni Program (CAP) and we’re here to continue supporting you in your post-college journeys! 

Did you know that as an alumni, you still have access to a number of services which includes:

Contact us for questions and/or support:

Andrea Hernandez

Courtney Arguello

3. CAP Alumni Advisory Council: Connect with fellow alumni

The goal of the CAP Alumni Advisory Council is to provide a space for Wave-Makers to connect and build community with one another.

The group consists of councils leads and members that come together once a month to reflect, develop, and plan future ways to engage. 

This year, the Council participated in a 3-part series of Virtual Healing Hikes, assisted with the development of this Wave-Maker Network Newsletter, and collaborated on ways to engage students and alumni.  

A huge appreciation to our 2021-2022 CAP Alumni Advisory council leads and members:

Council Leads

Council Members

Serving on the Alumni Advisory Council is a great to get involved and give back to the Wave-Maker community. To join the Council, email Courtney at

“I joined the Alumni Council because I wanted to expand my network and share my experiences so Wave-Makers can learn from my mistakes and accomplishments.”

Damian G., Advisory Council lead

With a unique focus on college attendance and graduation, Making Waves Foundation supports historically underrepresented and underserved students in pursuing their dreams. Making Waves Academy is a public charter school in Richmond, California, educating more than 1,100 students and Making Waves Foundation’s college success program, known as CAP, provides coaching, scholarships, financial literacy, and career support for more than 500 college students as well as a network for more than 500 Wave-Maker alumni.

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