Graphic with photos of college graduates and waves with Making Waves logo and text for 2022-23 impact report

Sharing Our 2022-23 Impact Report

by Making Waves Education Foundation

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Dear Making Waves community,

I’m excited to share our latest Making Waves Education Foundation Impact Report with you!

Guadalupe Ortega has been a part of our Making Waves community since enrolling at Making Waves Academy as a 5th grader. With support from Making Waves Education Foundation, in 2023, she graduated from UC Davis without any student loans and started her career at JPMorgan Chase.

Guadalupe was one of our 118 college graduates from this past year. 85% of them graduated debt-free.

Photo of Guadalupe in graduation stole next to quote that says I was able to graduate without any student loans! I'm now able to focus on investing my money.

Making Waves brings together the impact of two nonprofits: Making Waves Academy and Making Waves Education Foundation. Together, we are creating equitable access to college and career success for first-generation students of color, and a stronger source of diverse talent in the Bay Area that will accelerate our region’s success.

We couldn’t do it without our supporters. Thank you for being an advocate for expanding educational opportunities.

Patrick O’Donnell

Chief Executive Officer

2022-23 Impact Report

Photos of students in graduation stoles with waves and text for Wave-Makers are changing the world. Join us in supporting them.