CAP supports Making Waves Academy graduates and low-income Bay Area high school graduates through the successful completion of their college degrees, as quickly and with as little debt as possible.

For first generation students from low-income backgrounds, the deck is stacked: only nine percent of low-income students graduate from college. We’re working to change that. We provide financial literacy training, one-to-one college coaching, and need-based scholarship funding for all CAP students. CAP provides hundreds of qualified students annually with:

Need-based scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year

All eligible CAP & CAP Bay Area students receive access to a need-based scholarship to ensure that our Wave-Makers are not kept out of higher education due to financial barriers.

One-to-one college coaching

CAP coaches guide students through the process of college preparation, academic and personal success in college, and life after graduation. They work individually with students to create an annual plan centered on goal setting in six areas: academics, communications and connection, professional development, time management and organization, wellness, and financial management.

Personal financial coordinators

The financial services team helps students with college selection, financial planning and literacy, developing budgets, completing financial aid forms, and graduating from college with limited and manageable debt.

Professional networking opportunities, internships, and workshops

CAP hosts alumni mixers throughout the year and promotes opportunities to meet professionals in various industries to ensure students remain connected to a community of peers and create a broad professional network.

Giving back to the community

CAP provides opportunities for Wave-Makers to volunteer at annual community service days and mentor younger students.

College coaching after graduation

CAP coaches continue to support students in four core areas: careers (finding a job after college and pursuing professional growth), academics (earning a postgraduate degree), finances (creating a budget and managing finances), and life skills (navigating life after college).

CAP works – learn more about why CAP matters.

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This week’s #FlashbackFriday is brought to you by Ms. Henry, a CAP College Coach:
1. What is your name and role on the CAP Team?

My name is Brittany Henry and I am a College Coach with the CAP team.

2. What college and/or graduate school did you attend and what degree(s) did you earn at each institution?

I am a proud Gaucho and Titan! I graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara with my BA in Black Studies and Women’s Studies and received my MS from California State University, Fullerton in Educational Leadership with an emphasis in Higher Education.

3. What was your biggest takeaway/learning experience from college?

It sounds cliché, but I truly learned a lot about who I was as a person and what I was passionate about. I was a first-generation, low-income student trying to navigate the first environment so far from home. I became heavily involved in different student organizations such as a Black women empowerment group called Akanke, as well as the women’s center on campus. Through my major courses it helped me discover my passion for students and life-long learning, which led to my career path of working in higher education to bring about system-wide change.

4. Why/how did you end up working at CAP?

Similarly, to how I came to know my purpose in college, the mission of CAP intrigued me. As a first-generation, low-income student of color, I had attended a predominately white university that initially made me feel as if I was an imposter and made it a difficult environment to navigate. I experienced culture shock, not only racially, but also because of my socio-economic status. I didn’t want to ask for help, I didn’t know what I wanted to do once I graduated, I changed my major several times, and then right after graduating I realized I wanted to help those with a similar story to my own. My time in college is what led me to the path of working at various CSUs advocating and empowering diverse students, and ultimately led me to this role in CAP. I get to support students by helping them actualize their goals and aspirations, troubleshoot challenges, and promote overall wellness. I love that our Wave-Makers continue to help me grow in my own purpose and passion.

5. What is your advice for our CAP students and alumni?

Dream so big it scares, entices, empowers, and consumes you simultaneously.
After you’ve dreamed, wake up to the reality you never want to escape
Because you’ve had a taste of what it means to not be bound by limits or other’s expectations.
Dream so loud it is heard by the generations that come after you
And is so powerful it can be felt by those who came before you
That it inspires others all around you
And becomes the reality always guided by your truth.

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