Meet your free, AI college advisor! 

Our mission at Making Waves Foundation is to support students in attending and graduating from colleges and universities. After all, there are many benefits to earning a degree. 

Get knowledge about college, direct to your phone 

Our free AI college advisor helps streamline the college admissions process so that more students can earn that diploma. This includes: 

Future updates will include: 

Blue graphic with illustration of phone and text for get college knowledge direct to your phone, meet your AI college advisor

How does it work? 

Making Waves Foundation is here to support students and their families through all parts of the college admissions, decisions, and financial aid process.  

Thanks to this free resource you can access Making Waves Foundation’s college access and success resources, and have two-way conversations with an AI college advisor at any time.  

We will share resources and answer questions to streamline the complicated college admissions and financial aid processes – and “nudge” students to remember key deadlines and complete certain steps along the way. 

This includes resources such as: 

Who is it for?

This chatbot is for any high school student who is interested in exploring college, their family members, and anyone helping them apply.

How do I sign up? 

To sign up to receive text messages from Making Waves’ AI-powered college advisor, please fill out this brief webform.


Please reach out to Jon Siapno, director of product innovation at Making Waves Foundation at if you’d like more information or would like to report an issue.

Jon Siapno

Director of Product Innovation
College and Career Resources