Making Waves Education Foundation » College and Career Success Program

Making Waves Education Foundation meets student dreams with personalized support. ​

We provide scholarships and coaching that encourage students in discovering themselves, growing their strengths, navigating college life, and reaching their career dreams. ​

How it works

Making Waves Education Foundation supports students, the majority of whom are first-generation college students, students or color, and/or from low-income backgrounds.​ We partner with students to overcome systemic barriers, so college is affordable and graduation is attainable.​

Our Wave-Makers graduate from college at twice the rate of their peers, land jobs at twice the rate of their peers, and 84% earn their degrees debt-free.  ​

We are here for you as you navigate the complexities of college and define your future.  ​

Our college and career success program offers scholarships, coaching, and financial planning to support you on your path to graduating college with minimal to no debt and set up for your first job. 

  • College coaching: Our college coaches provide inspiration and guidance for exploring what makes you ‘you,’ growing your strengths, and navigating your college journey. From choosing a major and mapping a path to timely graduation to setting goals and building relationships – our coaches are here to support your college and career journey. 
  • Scholarships and financial aid: Our college financial coordinators help keep your scholarship, financial aid, and college budgeting on track. They are passionate about college finances to help you focus on your studies. ​
  • Career and job skills: Our career advisors are here for career exploration, as early or as often as you need. Partner with them on honing your skills, exploring career options, networking, pursuing internships, jobs, or graduate school, and preparing for job applications and interviews. 

What does the coaching relationship look like?

Hear from Wave-Maker Jamaya and Dr. Kristina Wright, director of learning and design at Making Waves Foundation, about Jamaya’s journey to college and finding success.