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Scholarship Application Preview Questions

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This is your chance to share additional details about yourself, your passions, and the things that hold the greatest significance for you. Please keep in mind any specified word limits. 

Short answer prompts 

  1. There are 8 core areas of life. (Future plans, Academics, Health/Wellness, Friends, Family, Fun, Personal Space, Money) Please tell us which is most important to you and why. There is no right or wrong answer. We are curious to learn more about your priorities. (150 words max) 
  2. Tell us what your top choice school is and which campus resource you see yourself using the most and why. (150 words max) 

Personal statement prompt

  1. Share with us the purpose behind your decision to attend college. What are your hopes and/or goals for working towards/receiving your degree? (Maximum 300 words) 

Video Questions

  1. Making Waves is much more than just a scholarship, we provide college coaching, financial literacy, and career preparation support. How could you most benefit from our program? 
  2. What are you most worried or excited about when it comes to college? 
  3. We all incur obstacles as we work toward our goals in life. Tell us about a goal you set that didn’t go as planned. How did you recover from any setbacks or obstacles?
  4. If you wish to provide or share any additional information, you may do so here. (optional)