Sarah Goudy

College Coach

I’ve spent my entire professional career in education, guided by a passionate belief that all students deserve access to the transformative power of education. My pathway began while I was a student at UC Berkeley, where I spent three years working for a tutoring program called Break the Cycle.  After earning my Bachelor’s degree in History, I moved to Boston and earned a Master of Education at Harvard University; I then returned to Oakland to teach History and AVID at Castlemont High School. All of our graduates were first-generation college students, and while several of them earned degrees at universities ranging from UC Berkeley to Cal Poly Pomona, several others struggled to complete their education on large campuses with very few support networks. Our students also struggled with the same issues at my next high school in Hayward. That’s why I love being a part of the CAP team at Making Waves- it’s a unique opportunity to dramatically increase the number of first-generation college students who earn their degrees. I’m also a firm believer in the coaching philosophy that drives our program, and it’s my privilege to work with amazing young people who push themselves to grow, learn, and develop every single day.