Ryan Grady

College Coach

I’m Ryan Grady, a College Coach at Making Waves. My career started in 2004 when I graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Madison and was accepted to join Teach for America.  At 22, I moved to a small, rural town in Arkansas where I taught high school math. After three years of teaching, I moved back to Wisconsin to earn my Master’s in Education Leadership and Policy Analysis.  I moved to Texas in 2009 and became the founding fifth grade math teacher at a successful charter school, KIPP-Austin.  My tour of the country was not over and I moved yet again. In 2010, I began working at Making Waves in San Francisco as an Outreach Advocate and then High School Program Administrative Coordinator.  While I was working at Making Waves, I went back to school to earn my life-coach certification. In 2013, I was hired by the Making Waves College and Alumni Program as a College Coach. I am incredibly grateful to have a career where I am inspired daily by the students and colleagues with whom I work.