At Making Waves Education Foundation, we partner with students from low-income backgrounds, first-generation college students, and people of color so college is affordable and graduation is attainable. We are supporting San Francisco Bay Area BIPOC college students from low-income backgrounds through a new need-based scholarship opportunity!

Are the majority of Making Waves students people of color?

Yes. During the 2022-23 academic year, Making Waves Education Foundation supported 515 Wave-Makers across 75 colleges and universities, 97% of whom are BIPOC, or Black, Indigenous, or People of Color, including 78% who identify as Hispanic or Latinx, 13% who identify as Black or African American, 9% who identity as Asian, and 4% who identify as Southeast Asian.

What benefits come with the scholarship program?

Twenty eligible students will receive up to $20,000 each in scholarship funding for up to five years – and will be enrolled in Making Waves Education Foundation’s college and career success program, which pairs students with college coaches, financial coordinators, and career specialists to help them navigate their college and career journeys.

What is the scholarship eligibility and deadline?


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