Watch Steve Roth, COO of MWF, speak about the growth of MWA’s Richmond campus. 



Growth in Richmond

On August 20th, 2018, fifth and sixth graders moved into a brand-new new building featuring technology-enhanced classrooms, a library, science labs, and open learning spaces. This Middle School building is the first of several buildings/spaces that will open as part of MWA’s Lakeside Drive campus expansion project, which is supported by Making Waves Foundation. The new building created seats for an additional 150+ students this school year.

The  Foundation submitted real estate design plans and acquired funding (no public funds used to build the expanded campus) to support the expansion. These plans were approved by unanimous vote of the Planning Commission for the City of Richmond. Through this expansion, Making Waves Academy is gaining an additional 14 acres and 250,000 square feet of teaching space. The expanded campus will grow the student population from educating ~950 to more than 1,400 students annually by the 2025-26 school year, with incremental growth over time. The expanded campus will be enhanced to now include open learning areas, parent resource center, restorative justice spaces, middle and upper school gymnasiums, and a performance art space.

In addition to educating more students, the campus expansion will provide increased job opportunities for the local Richmond community. Making Waves will create over 595 new jobs including construction, faculty and staff positions as enrollment grows.


Growth in Pittsburg

Making Waves Foundation is planning to build the second campus for Making Waves Academy in Pittsburg. In February 2019, the Contra Costa County Office of Education approved Making Waves Academy’s charter application and the City of Pittsburg Planning Commission approved Making Waves Foundation’s building plans for the campus.


Making Waves Academy Pittsburg is planned to open in the fall of 2020 with 336 students (168 per grade level) in the 5th and 6th grades and will expand to serve 5th-12th grades over time. The new 20.55-acre campus will include open learning spaces, a maker space, music and art rooms, a restorative justice space, a college and career center, a black-box theatre, and an athletics complex.


The Foundation will also be a dedicated Pittsburg community partner by financially supporting the city’s performing arts theater renovation project and upgrading and expanding the city parks and bike paths at the edge of the campus. Making Waves Academy at Pittsburg will create hundreds of new construction and instructional jobs in the city of Pittsburg.

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