Making Waves Foundation’s proven college success program, known as CAP, provides critical one-on-one coaching and need-based scholarships for students throughout their entire college experience—working to help them graduate as quickly and with as little debt as possible.

When you donate to Making Waves Foundation, you are supporting Wave-Makers in pursuing meaningful careers and dreams.

Headshot of Stella Nnodim

“My life story could never be told without Making Waves being a part of the equation. Without the educational backing and community I’ve had over the years, I wouldn’t be me. Making Waves did—and still does for us—what unfortunately the education system can’t do for many, which is provide a foundation of resources and preparation that I believe is absolutely necessary for a fruitful future.”

Stella nnodim, a graduate of howard university
Headshot of Enrique Romero

“Being the first to live new experiences, such as going to college and studying abroad, can be scary for the student and the family. However, the beauty behind my experience—which helped me overcome my challenges and fears—was that I was never alone. My family, friends, and Making Waves accompanied me through the journey.”

Enrique Romero, a graduate of Pitzer college and harvard graduate school of education
Headshot of Hossain Albgal

“My participation in Making Waves introduced me to the value of education, the gateway to most every good thing in my life. Had I not embraced education, I wouldn’t have developed the strong inclination toward knowledge and truth to explain circumstances and shape my aspirations.”

Hossain Albgal, a graduate of UCLA

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