Q: Why did CAP start?

A: CAP started in 2013 to provide rigorous and structured support to Making Waves Academy students when they graduated high school and entered college. In 2016, CAP extended its services to low-income high school graduates from the surrounding nine Bay Area counties via the CAP Bay Area program.

Q: How does CAP get funding?

A: CAP receives funding via charitable grants and donations made to Making Waves Foundation.

Q: How is CAP different than other college success programs?

A: What differentiates CAP is its unique combination of personalized college coaching, financial literacy training, technology, and scholarships. Additionally, CAP coaches and financial service coordinators are experienced professionals with secondary degrees.

Q: What students can participate in CAP?

A: Students that graduate from Making Waves Academy can opt-in to enroll in CAP during their senior year of high school. Further, special programs including CAP Bay Area and CAP Pittsburg provide support for selected students.

Q: What problem is CAP trying to solve?

A: Only 21%  of students from high-poverty high schools will have a college degree by age 24. CAP is working to change this statistic: approximately 86% of CAP students are on track to earn their college degree within six years.

Q: How is CAP connected to Making Waves Foundation?

A: CAP is a core program of the Making Waves Foundation, a 501(c)3 private operating foundation.

Q: Does CAP have programming for community college?

A: CAP offers community college programming for MWA graduates. This program ensures CAP students are set up for success to transition to a four-year institution in a timely manner or enter a career of their choice.