Call for Workshops & Seminars

We invite you to submit a workshop proposal for consideration for the 2nd CAP College Success Institute by no later than Wednesday, December 18, 2019.

We are accepting workshop proposals for the following tracks:

  1. Success after college – in keeping with this year’s theme, how to best position students for their career or academic field of choice
  2. Leveraging technology – how to effectively use technology tools including databases, texting, nudges, online communities, etc.
  3. Executive forum – a discussion of best practices for running a college success organization and improving outcomes
  4. Financial aid to financial literacy – how financial mastery can increase the likeliness of college graduation and life success
  5. A 1:1 approach to supporting students – how to effectively use various student support models including mentoring, counseling, advising, peer-to-peer support, volunteers, etc.
  6. Open submission – applicants are invited to propose a topic for a panel or workshop of their own choosing

Presenter Discounts 

Those selected will receive a 25% discount on the conference registration fee for a maximum of two primary leaders/presenters. All seminar and workshop participants will be responsible for their own travel and hotel lodging. No speaker honorariums will be paid to seminar or workshop leaders, presenters, or panelists.

Any questions regarding your submission should be sent to, with “CSI Call for Seminars/Workshops – Organization Name” in the subject line. Proposals must be sent by 5:00 pm PST on Wednesday, December 18, 2019, or they will not be considered. 

Proposal Submission Form

  • What research, publication and/or body of work does the seminar/workshop rely on to support the workshop content?
  • How does the seminar/workshop engage the audience?
  • How does the seminar/workshop address one of the topics outlined above and weave in the conference theme of “Theory to Action: Empowering Students to College and Career Success”?
  • Other information that you would like to provide?
  • Please label with abbreviated content title and organization name

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