CAP commits to coaching our students, who we call Wave-Makers, to graduate from college as quickly and with as little debt as possible while equipping them with the skills and experiences needed to be competitive contributors to the global workforce.

While nationally only 13% of low-income students graduate from college by age 24, 91% of CAP students are on track to graduate within six years (projections are based on transcript data indicating units earned toward graduation). CAP is a college success program that provides financial literacy training, one-to-one college coaching, and need-based scholarship funding for nearly 700 low-income and underserved students. CAP serves Making Waves Academy high school graduates, CAP Bay Area recipients, and students from the former Making Waves Education Program. Each year, we provide our students with:

Need-based scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $10,000 per year

All eligible CAP & CAP Bay Area students receive access to a need-based scholarship to ensure that our Wave-Makers are not kept out of higher education due to financial barriers.

One-to-one college coaching

CAP coaches guide students through the process of college preparation, academic and personal success in college, and life after graduation. They work individually with students to create an annual plan centered on goal setting in six areas: academics, communications and connection, professional development, time management and organization, wellness, and financial management.

Personal financial coordinators

The financial services team helps students with college selection, financial planning and literacy, developing budgets, completing financial aid forms, and graduating from college with limited and manageable debt.

Professional networking opportunities, internships, and workshops

CAP hosts alumni mixers throughout the year and promotes opportunities to meet professionals in various industries to ensure students remain connected to a community of peers and create a broad professional network.

Giving back to the community

CAP provides opportunities for Wave-Makers to volunteer at annual community service days and mentor younger students.

College coaching after graduation

CAP coaches continue to support students in four core areas: careers (finding a job after college and pursuing professional growth), academics (earning a postgraduate degree), finances (creating a budget and managing finances), and life skills (navigating life after college).

CAP works – learn more about why CAP matters.

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This #flashbackfriday features a new member of the CAP Team, Ms. Ayasha Tripp!

1. Name and position at CAP

Ayasha Tripp, College Coach

2. Where did you go?

I traveled to Singapore and studied Media & Communications at Nanyang Technological University. On my departure there I was able to stop in Fiji and spend two weeks in Sydney, Australia.

3. When did you travel?

I was abroad from July 2006 to December 2006.

4. What was the most memorable part of going to this new place and why?

It was my first time truly being in a place where nobody knew me, which allowed me to learn more about myself. Singapore is an amazing country with delicious food and a diverse group of people from all different parts of Southeast Asia. My roommate was from Thailand, and I had friends who were from Indonesia, India, Hong Kong, and even South Africa. I got to travel to Thailand and Malaysia, and I was even able to learn more about Buddhism and Islam, and practice Ramadan with my friends. The experience was life changing, and I still keep in contact with all my friends and professors. I hope to return again one day soon.

5. Why would you recommend students study abroad?

Being abroad humbled me to recognize and honor the lived experiences of others across the world. Despite the differences we may share, there are so many commonalities, and it was amazing to learn and understand a perspective and culture outside of my own. When I returned to the States, this helped me with being more patient with others and learning to seek things that differed from my own experience. I would encourage students to study abroad because it is a chance to discover yourself in a different environment. It also builds courage and faith, because it can be really scary to be so far away from everything and everyone you know, but once you do it, you become so fearless and filled with a mindset that anything is possible as long as you are willing to try. Also, I encourage students to study abroad because it is SO MUCH FUN. Every day simply feels like an adventure! My time abroad planted the seed in my heart to continually travel throughout life no matter what. Since 2006, I've been able to travel to other countries such as Cuba, Abu Dhabi, and Spain, and I only look forward to seeing more of the world so I can better understand myself and others, too. =)

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