In 1989, John H. Scully and the late Reverend Eugene Farlough, pastor of Sojourner Truth Church in Richmond, California, were serving on the board of the prestigious Branson School in Ross, California. After discussing the need to help children that cannot afford to attend a school like Branson — but deserve access to a high-quality education — they planted the seeds that would become Making Waves Foundation.

Demonstrating a unique understanding of the challenges and ambitions of young people facing systemic barriers to education, Making Waves created a model of holistic support, preparation, and pathways that continues to elevate students and inspire educators today.

Picture of Regina K. Scully and John H. Scully embracing outside
John H. Scully (right) with his wife and Making Waves Foundation Board Member Regina K. Scully.


Making Waves Education Program is Launched


Making Waves Academy Opens


Making Waves Foundation Launches its College Success Program, CAP

Picture of the late Reverend Eugene Farlough, Shirley Millender-Williams, and John H. Scully together
Reverend Eugene Farlough (left) and John H. Scully (right) with Shirley Millender-Williams, Making Waves Education Program’s first executive director.

30 Years of Making Waves: From Our Founding to Today

Hear from former Making Waves Education Program Executive Director Shirley Millender-Williams, Making Waves Foundation Co-Founder John H. Scully, program leaders and program alumni on the founding and impact of Making Waves over the last 30 years.