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College and Alumni Program (CAP)

Making Waves Foundation’s College and Alumni Program (CAP) continues on a rapid growth trajectory supporting our Wave-Makers on their path toward college graduation. CAP now has 417 students enrolled for the 2016-2017 school year; an increase from 284 students in the 2015-2016 school year.

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As of spring 2016, 81% of CAP students are on pace to earn their degrees within six years. This exceeds the national average of 20% for low-income students enrolled in college.

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Making Waves has supported college students from the Education Program since 1997. CAP was formed in 2013 when 79 Wave-Makers had earned college degrees. In 2014, CAP began working with graduates of Making Waves Academy, supporting them on their journey in higher education.

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To minimize college debt, the CAP financial services team partners with each student to help him/her understand the financial impact of decisions, set a budget, and maximize scholarship and grant opportunities. At the time of graduation, the average total debt load for our Wave-Makers is only $7,012 compared to the national average of $35,000.

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CAP Bay Area

Last fall, CAP doubled its impact with the launch of CAP Bay Area, supporting 150 additional low-income high school graduates from 63 different high schools, across nine Bay Area Counties. Once the students enter college, they attend colleges and universities nationwide. CAP Bay Area students currently attend 79 different colleges and universities.

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