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An Unparalleled Record of Success with Low-Income Students

graduationThere is no other program in the United States that has more than two decades of comparable success in taking underserved children through the entire educational journey right through college graduation.

High School and College Graduation Rates. In the over 20-year history of our Education Programs, virtually all Wave-Makers who enter the ninth grade complete high school and all who do, go to college, a track record Making Waves Academy intends to match or better when it begins graduation students in 2015. Seventy percent enroll in four-year colleges and universities and 30% begin their college career at a two-year college with the goal of ultimately transferring to a four-year college. Even more remarkable, nearly two-thirds of our students graduate from four-year institutions, increasingly at some of the nation’s most prestigious colleges.

graduation rates

Note: Nearly 96% of Wave-Makers are African-American or Latino.

Today, our African-American and Latino Wave-Makers graduate from high school at twice the rate of their peers in California.  Additionally, students who enter the program are more likely to attend and graduate from college than students from similar backgrounds nationwide.

Readiness Index. California’s College Readiness Index identifies the extent to which students have completed courses required to enter the rigorous University of California and California State University systems and are ready to succeed in public and private institutions nationwide. So far, 83% of Wave-Makers who have graduated from high school were fully qualified to meet these high standards.

Raising the Bar on College Attendance. Each graduating class raises the bar for Making Waves enrollment at four-year institutions. In the most recent graduating class of 2013, 100% of our high school seniors graduated and were accepted to college - 69% of these graduates attended four-year institutions around the nation.

Where Wave-Makers Go to College. Our graduates have gone on to earn degrees from some of the nation’s most distinguished academic institutions and graduate schools, including Princeton University, Stanford University, Harvard University, Pitzer College, Morehouse, MIT, Carnegie Mellon, Occidental College, Sarah Lawrence College, Tufts University, University of California at Berkeley, University of California at Los Angeles, University of Michigan, University of Pennsylvania, and University of Southern California. 

Participation in Graduate School. Twenty-nine percent of the first cohort of graduates, called the First Wave, have completed or are completing graduate work at such institutions as Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, UC Berkeley, UCLA's Anderson School of Management, and several medical schools. 

UC/CSU Eligibility